Women's Health Course  - 2022 Intake

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Post-Graduate Course leading to a Diploma in Women's Health Osteopathy 

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- The overview of the course

- The seminars dates (all subject to change)

- The application form

- A questionnaire. 


If you would like to apply, thank you for returning by email to Corinne Jones:

corinnejones.mih@gmail.com the following documents:

- The completed registration form 

- The completed questionnaire 

- A passport photo of yourself (scanned is fine)

- The £100 registration fee (please see booking form for bank details)


This two years part-time course aims at giving an expertise in Women's health to Osteopaths (registered practitioners only - UK, members of representative professional bodies - International). When necessary interviews will be organised to select the students.​

The objective is to give advanced knowledge and expertise to professionals who want to master women' s health issues. The course will bring together a team of experts in their fields and will  include medical and complementary practitioners (gynaecologists, obstetricians, midwifes, ultra sonographers, acupuncturists, nutritionists. Amongst the faculty: Dr Michel Odent, Prof Frank Willard (USA), Dr. Etienne Horner, , Bill Smith, Nara Naira etc) and the most experienced Osteopaths in their fields: Prof Renzo Molinari, Franz Buset (Belgium), Francois Allart (France), Teresa Coughlan (Ireland), Geneviève Kermonrgant (France), Monika Ebner (Austria), Anja Engel-Schulmeyer (Austria) and British Osteopaths: Susan Turner, Michael Pye, Enda Butler, Indera Ajimal etc.


The objective is to create a body of Osteopaths who have an expertise and a specific capability in dealing with women's health issues. This course aims to give continuous professional development, clinical expertise, a responsible human and ethical approach to these patients and allows the graduates to work in an integrative partnership with other health professionals.

The course will be complemented by a teaching clinic allowing the students to develop their expertise.


'Renzo, I just wish to say thank you for delivering a truly amazing course. I feel privileged to have been exposed to such an incredible team of knowledgeable and inspirational lecturers, who have been both generous with sharing their knowledge and supportive in delivering this hands on course to such a high level.

The google drive resource means that I may continue accessing and reviewing the material for months and years to come, contributing to my life long learning.
The observation clinics and practical classes have enhanced the way I practise and informed the way I teach undergraduate osteopaths in clinic.

And best of all, it does not end there, but you have created a community where we may continue to develop, by assisting within the community clinics, by participating in refresher courses and  assisting in lectures. Thank you again for offering a course which is both exciting, engaging, challenging and inspirational.

Thank you!'


Tracy D. - MIH Graduate 2017





If you have any queries, please contact Corinne Jones at corinnejones.mih@gmail.com

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Pregnancy, Birth and Peri-Partum
Post-Partum, Visceral and Gynaecological Health
Menopause and Healthy Ageing
 Advanced Clinical Management