Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 February 2022

With Mr Gez Lamb and Prof Renzo Molinari

Limited number of places available


Saturday 19 February 2022


Guest speaker: Mr Gez Lamb


Title: "The application of Tissue fields and Levels of Function to Enhance

Osteopathic Treatment"


Course outline:


- Exploration of Tissue Fields and their relationship to each other.

How to open a field and engage the tissues.

- Exercises in palpation and treatment approach within the following fields:-

- Soft Tissues - Muscles, Fascia and Ligaments

- Circulation, Arterial, Venous and Lymphatic

- Nervous systems, CNS, ANS and Peripheral

- Visceral

- Exploration of Levels within the PRM, their function and their quality (how they feel) and

how to use them as a treatment approach.

- Using the intercellular matrix as a holistic approach to treatment

- Treatment of shock




Sunday 20 February 2022


Guest speaker: Prof Renzo Molinari


Title: “Integrative approach on difficult clinical cases”


Course outline:


A practical approach taking into account the body as a whole system .

Based on very traditional understanding but integrating modern concepts, 

this lecture/workshop aims at giving practical and clinical tools to approach complex cases.



:£300 for 2 days including refreshments (MIH Members price: £250 for 2 days)

 £200 for 1 day including refreshments (MIH Members price: £150 for 1 day)




The Alexander Techniques

13 The Boulevard, Imperial Wharf, London SW6 2UB. Please find below a link for directions.

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