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Friday 22 and Saturday 23 November 2019

Vendredi 22 et Samedi 23 Novembre 2019

Course in English and French/Ce cours sera en Anglais et FranÇais (traduction ad hoc)

Limited numbers of places available/ Le nombre de places est limité

A fantastic opportunity to take part in a dissection course at the Faculté Médecine de Nice (France).  On Friday, the dissection on a fresh cadaver will be led by Prof Baqué, Dean of the Faculty, Surgeon and Professor of Anatomy.  Participants will palpate the tissues, mobilise and feel anatomical structures. If they wish, they will also be able take an active part in the dissection after the presentation.

On Saturday, Prof Renzo Molinari and Laurence Fourdrignier will do a practical workshop on the pelvis and abdomen. 

The dissection and lecture will take place at the Faculty of Medicine, Nice, 28 Avenue de Valombrose, 06107 Nice, France.

Une fantastique opportunité de prendre part à un cours de dissection å la Faculté Médecine - Nice. La dissection sur un corps féminin frais sera faite par le Dean de la Faculté, Prof Baqué, chirurgien et Professeur d'Anatomie.  Participants pourront palper les tissues, mobiliser les structures anatomiques et prendre une part active à la dissection à fin de la présentation. 

Vendredi 22 Novembre 2019

Inscriptions à partir de 09.00 hrs.  Cours de 09.30 hrs à 17.30 hrs


- Présentation anatomique et dissection 

- Mise en évidence du grand épiplon

- Organisation intestinale incluant le cadre colique et intestin grêle avec mise en évidence de la racine du mésentere. 

l'espace sous peritoneal avec mise en évidence de la vessie, utérus et rectum (éléments de suspension et mise en évidence des fascias du pelvis) et musculature du petit bassin. 

Samedi 23 Novembre 2019

Inscriptions  partir de 09.00 hrs.  Cours de 09.30 hrs a 17.30 hrs


- Atelier pratique sur l'abdomen et le bassin avec Prof Renzo Molinari et Laurence Fourdrignier. 

Date:              22 et 23 Novembre 2019

Topic:            Abdomen and pelvic area

Fee:​               £420 


'The course in Nice has really changed the way I approach the body and especially the viscera. Being able to see and feel the fresh cadaver changed my palpatory understanding of the viscera. A fresh cadaver feels so much more fluid in comparison to preserved cadavers and makes it clear how mobile the viscera really are. The course really made a change to how I can work with my patients.'

Roy Macdonald, MIH Student










Neuro-endocrine balance in Women's Health


Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 January 2020

Imperial Wharf - London



This weekend will start with a quick summary of the basics then cover the differences and similarities of hormones and neurotransmitters and how they work together, outlining the different hormonal-axes and what factors influence them.
You will learn how to recognize an endocrine problem (in the lab, in the history and with osteopathic testing), glucose metabolism and how it contributes to endocrine problems and chronic disease, sleep and its influence on hormones.  We will look at connections between the endocrine system and the immune system and talk about diet options, fasting and supplements and how to deal with these conditions as an Osteopath.


This course is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your osteopathic approach, it will give you theoretical and practical tools that you can apply immediately.



Guest Speaker: Monika Ebner


Monika Ebner began her osteopathic journey in 2001 at Wiener Schule für Osteopathie (WSO) in Austria and DUK graduating with a master’s degree in 2008.  She had previously studied physio-energetics for a year.  Monika then studied paediatrics and obtained her Diploma from the Austrian OZK in 2009 as well completing a part time bio dynamic osteopathy course.

Since the birth of her daughter, MO developed an increased interest in Women’s Health’s

issues including metabolic and endocrine problems. She pursued this interest by enrolling on the Women’s Health Course run by the Molinari Institute of Health in London.  She graduated with honours in July 2019 with a Post Graduate Diploma in Women’s Health Osteopathy -


Early Bird Offer (for registrations and payments received by 30 November 2019: £220 for the two day lecture including refreshments

From 1 December 2019: £250 for the two days lecture including refreshments.

Venue: The Alexander Techniques, 13 The Boulevard, Imperial Wharf, London SW6 2UB. Please find below a link for directions.




"Men's Health"

It is at last possible to take part in full weekend on Men's Health.   

So many men present very specific problems and have difficulty talking about them and finding practitioners able to understand and develop a treatment strategy.  This seminar will answer a real need and will give delegates practical and clinical answers on how to deal with these cases.

Date:                       Saturday 13 and 14 June 2020


Guest Speaker:      François Allart, Prof Renzo Molinari and Daniel Brogan

Fees:​                       £340  including refreshments. (£280 for MIH Members)

 Venue:  Alexander Techniques, 13 The Boulevard, Imperial Wharf, London SW6 2UB. Please find below a link for directions.


"The best kept secret in Osteopathy: The Bone"

Date:                       Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 December 2020


Guest Speaker:      Jo Buekens

Fees:​                       £340  including refreshments. (£280 for MIH Members)


Venue:                    Alexander Techniques, 13 The Boulevard, Imperial Wharf, London SW6 2UB. Please find below a link for directions.


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