Sunday 22 to Friday 27 May 2022
With Christian FOSSUM and Claudine AGERON-MARQUE
Christian Fossum: 22 -24 May 2022  -  "The Containers and their Environs"
This course will examine the role of the two major “containers” (pelvis and thorax) and their multidimensional interaction with the body as a whole in function and dysfunction. It is divided into multiple parts which will all follow with theoretical and practical sessions.
Claudine Ageron-Marque: 25 -27 May 2022  -  "An endocrine approach to gynaecology in Osteopathy"
Every woman is designed to have a cycle which functions naturally,according to the rhythm of the different seasons .
Each woman’s life history, the challenges she faces, and physical or psychological traumas can all lead to dysfunction.
Can all gynecological pathologies be treated without taking account of each individual woman ?
A holistic approach to these imbalances can be put into practice through identification of the dominating endocrine morphotype and then by osteopathic treatment of the principal hormonal imbalances, in order to restore the feminine physiology and reconnect with life’s natural cycles.

Sunday 18 to Friday 23 September 2022
With Geneviève KERMORGANT and Paolo TOZZI
Geneviève Kermorgant: 18 - 20 September 2022  -  "Osteopathy and Paediatrics - Osteopathic support from the embryo to the newborn"
     Paolo Tozzi: 21 - 23 September 2022  -  "The fascial component in osteopathic practice"
These courses will take place at the Conference center of the IOS PALACE HOTEL (www.iospalacehotel.com), a four stars superior
hotel overlooking the Milopotas beach.
Price: £1450
MIH Memers price: £1150
The time-table is planned to allow 7 hours of hard work every day and free time to allow communication, networking and relaxation.
Two working sessions every day : 8.30 hrs -12.30 hrs and 17.00 hrs - 20.00 hrs.
The working time balances theory sessions with practical workshops                                                                       
The cost of each seminar includes:
- Course and handouts
- Six nights in a twin bedroom with en-suite bathroom
(with either terrace or balcony facing the bay)
- American buffet breakfast
- Transfer from the port to the hotel
- Refreshments during the breaks
- Help and support to organise your flights
How to get the the island of Ios: there are daily direct flights to Santorini with Easyjet and British Airways and  other low cost airlines.
It is then a 30 minutes crossing in a speed ferry to Ios.

Santorini is the closest island you can go by plane, but you can also choose to fly to Mykonos or even Athens (the port of Rafina is the closest to the airport) and from there take a ferry.  We suggest you travel 1 or 2 days before the start of the course to allow you time to connect your flight and your ferry. 


Several ferries companies sail to Ios: please visit the websites below for itineraries and timetables:





Once registered, delegates will receive more information and support to facilitate their travel arrangements. 
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